Monday, August 13, 2007

it's been a while since i last posted but tthat's because i'm too busy writing my novel.. wish me luck!

Friday, June 29, 2007

i haven't been blogging for quite a while, i am very busy thinking about my novel, and some other things...
wish me luck..

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

3WW #35 !!

3WW Wednesday again! this is very exciting.
this weeks 3 words are: packed, cozy, anticipation

so here goes:

A Hit

'Are you ready?'
'I'm all packed and ready!' answered Brad in an excited tone.
'come on then.' whispered Jane as she headed towards the fire alarm device ,'We've got to be fast!'
'I can't believe we got all that money!' Brad's mouth was shaking at the angles. It was the first time he stole something. Jane has been trying to convince him to work with her since they were together in high school years back, and finally Brad accepted to join her.

Jane wasn't that tall, but she managed to use a chair to reach the fire alarm device on the ceiling. She took out her cigarette lighter and started heating the device. In no time the alarm went off. Jane pulled Brad's shirt as they sped towards the door.
'Now nobody will notice our hurry Brad' smiled Jane as she began to run.
'I can't wait to start spending my share' Brad's eyes were shining already.

5 minutes later they were both outside the hotel building, each carrying a backpack filled with 100 dollar bills.
'why didn't you park any closer Jane?' asked Brad 'And when the hell are you gonna tell me how you knew this guy carried all this money?!'
'Shut up Brad' whispered Jane firmly, Brad has never seen her frown like that before.'people can hear us dummy.'
Brad was filled with anticipation and eagerness. As soon as they shut Brad's apartment door behind them, he ran towards his bedroom.
Brad has never seen his room so cozy. He was so excited he couldn't speak. The only thing he wanted to do is just stare at the money as he unpacked it on his bed.

'This IS a large sum of money' said Brad unbelievingly 'I don't even know how I'm gonna spend it all'

'Hold it man' Jane interrupted his flow of dreams. 'you are not getting all that by yourself'

'What do you mean Jane?' asked Brad,'we split it equally in the hotel room remember?'

'Who said anything about splitting it in half Brad!' cut in Jane,'you are only getting 10 grand!'

'Whah! ten! only ten?!' complained Brad very loudly.

'Take it or leave it sweets' said Jane calmly, 'you forgot that you did nothing but keep me company, and honestly I think 10 is too much!'

Brad couldn't believe himself. He had piles of money on his bed and a bag loaded with more in his apartment, and he would end up with just a bite of the cake!
Something must be done!

'you said no one knows about this hit, right Jane?' asked Brad as Jane went to take a shower.

'don't worry dear, no one knows, now relax!' ordered Jane, 'and it's not called a hit, a hit is when you kill someone!'

'thanks for the lesson Jane!' Brad didn't sound okay. something was definitely going on in his mind. He sat on his bed, looking at the money. He had a serious look on his face. He suddenly jumped up and looked all over his room for something. He looked under his bed and smiled as he pulled out his old baseball bat. It was heavy!

'Jane?' Brad said loudly as he approached the bathroom door. 'remember when i used to scrub your back in the shower back in high school?'

'oh Brad! do you really think this is the right time for making love?' Jane pulled the shower curtain wide open and smiled at Brad who had his arms behind his back hiding something.
Jane actually thought that sex wasn't such a bad idea to celebrate the money.

'come here baby!', said Jane softly as she reached out to pull Brad into the shower with her.

'no Jane, lets do it like in the old times, you turn your back to me as i take off my clothes'

'okay!' Jane obeyed with no idea what was going on in Brad's head.
Brad's eyes where filled with a frightening look. he pulled the heavy baseball bat from behind him and raised it high in the air. Jane had her back to him. She was humming a song and dancing slowly in the shower. Her sexy naked figure didn't pull Brad's attention at all.

'What the hell is taking you so long!' shouted Jane as she started to turn her face towards Brad. Brad didn't waste any more time. He went straight down on her head with his full might.He could hear her skull crack as gushes of blood fountained from her head and eyes turning everything around red. Jane lay dead on the bathroom floor.
Brad wasted no time. He grabbed both back packs after stuffing them with the money and left.He was planning how he could get out of the state before the whole police was after him.He knew it was so easy to escape if you paid the right price for it.
3 hours later Brad was on board a plane. He remembered the look of Jane, his once high school girl friend, dead on the floor.
'now that is what you call a hit!' whispered Brad to himself as he smiled peacefully.
All he could think about now is how he's going to spend the money.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

3WW #34

bare, rumble, watch.

(I have little time today so I will keep this as short as i can.)
Sam had to be as quick as ever. He had only time to pick the bare essentials; his fishing pole and his school bag! He could hear the rumble of his stomach as he watched his burger sink to the bottom of the lake. That was just perfect. He was already late, hungry and had no idea how he's going to get back home. He looked at his watch, it was indeed late. The picture of his father punishing him and even beating him blocked his mind. He was sure that this time his father will definitely know that he hasn't been going to school. And even worse, he has been doing what his father had forbidden him to do; he has been fishing alone.
'But What forces me to get back to this mess?" jumped the very fair question to his mind.
'I'll just stay, have fun then go to my aunt's where i could eat'.
A good idea.
'But then, why should I go to my aunt. I have enough money, I am 9 years old. I can live alone.' thought his young mind.'Maybe I should just disappear'
Even a better idea!
so Sam just unpacked, sat on his favorite spot, hooked some bait and whistled the rest of his day off.
He was free!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

3WW #33

background, swings, against.

I closed my eyes, then opened them again.Still, I could see nothing but darkness. I crawled a bit further where I could blend with the dark background. I had to put my gun down as I crawled to pick up the pace. Now I am totally invisible to all. I leaned against the dark wall behind me, I took my war helmet off; it was so heavy and I had been wearing it for quite a while. It’s time for a cigarette. I am finally in a secure place where I can think of a smoke. I smiled slowly as I lighted up my cigarette. Oh, great, this is all I need.

Suddenly, I heard something hit the dark wall beside my head. Oh my God, someone spotted me and is shooting. Judging from the silent shots and darkness; a sniper must have spotted my cigarette. Ouch! A hit in the shoulder, Ouch! Another one! I laid down flat on the ground, too much pain, I couldn’t move a muscle. Everything around me went was still again. The only thing moving around me was my helmet that swings from my gun. I knew I was finished; but all I could think about was the cigarette covered with dirt between my fingers.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My OWN Mind.

1:30 p.m.

I have thought all night and finally my plan for our escape is complete. Hey Daniel, want to hear about it? Daniel! Where are you! Oh there you are, you scared me! I thought they came in at night and took you while I was asleep, like they took that guy with the weird noises in the room next to ours in the middle of the night just last week.

Well, back to the point. Remember that elevator I spotted on my way to the electric chair last time our plan was discovered? These fools just don’t understand that I don’t die! They will keep electrocuting me forever and still I will never die! This time we will make loud noises, and when they come to take me to the electric chair, you will hide inside me Daniel, like you always do when anyone is around, but you will have to leave me when they tie me to the chair, and hide anywhere in the electrocution room. They always leave me alone during the electrocution.
Okay Daniel?

Then you will keep hiding, I suggest behind the thick cables in the back of the room, and if anyone came near you, use your disappearing powers like you did when they almost spotted you in spring. You are clever Daniel, I wish I had some of your powers, but I guess I am blessed with living forever!

After that, when they return me to my room, we will have to wait till night. You will then sneak out and open the door to my room from the red button out there. We will then quietly sneak to the elevator and find our way to the floor below us where they have unbarred windows. This is our way out. We will use our flying powers and fly off the window. You will be the guide of course since you can disappear. Okay?

Shhh! Someone is coming. I think it’s my wife. Wait! Yes it is her, I recognize her footsteps. Quick Daniel, hide!

-Mathew, how are you today honey!

-I’m feeling much better, Samantha. What brought you early today?

-I finished work early honey; tell me, did anyone mistreat you?

-Only the guard to my cell, the one with the white coat. Samantha, I am planning to escape tonight!

-What? Mathew! Again? Oh no!

-Listen to me! Daniel is going to help me.

-But Mathew…

-Just listen to me honey, listen! And for God’s sake stop crying!

-No YOU listen to me Mathew, there is no Daniel, there is no prison, there are no special powers, you are sick honey and this is just a hospital. Didn’t I show you the tapes from the camera up there? There was no Daniel!

-Daniel can disappear. No one sees him but me. And right now he is hiding inside me.

-Stop it Mathew, please stop it!

-Keep quiet honey, someone is coming! It’s the guard. Don’t tell anyone about my plan tonight and please stop crying!

-Come here Mrs. Grant, its okay. It is time for his tranquilizer shot.

-Dr. Woods! He’s just getting worse. He is completely disoriented.

-Would you please go home and leave this to us, I promise you we are doing our best.

-It has been 2 years now, to be honest, I lost any hope of getting my Mathew back. This is a totally different person.

-Just go home; I will call you tonight to tell you how he’s doing and please don’t talk to him about his illness next time. This just makes it worse.

-I’m sorry. I just thought he was better; he didn’t speak of Daniel for the past three weeks. I thought it was over.

2:00 a.m.

-Hello? Mrs. Grant? Sorry for waking you up.

-Y..Yes, who is it?

-It is Dr. Woods. I am afraid I have some bad news.

-What! What happened? Is Mathew okay?

-Ah, I’m sorry but Mathew is dead!

-Oh my God!

-We found him lying dead in the car park. He jumped off a window.

-Oh my God!

-He made a fuss just after midnight and was sent to have an electroconvulsive session, and then back to his room. After that we found his body in the hospitals car park. We’re still investigating and we are not sure how he managed to get out of his room. Someone did help him open that room from the outside.

- You mean someone killed him?

- No, it is just that he got help from someone. Did he tell you anything today when you visited him?

-He did mention escaping. But he said Daniel is going to help.

-Daniel? Mrs. Grant, you do know that Daniel does not exist!

-I’m sorry but that’s what he said. Well, it is all over now.

-I’m sorry again Mrs. Grant.

- Thank you Dr. Woods. But you do know that I will press charges against the hospital!

-It is your right, but you will have to wait till the FBI finishes investigating the death; they are going to give you a visit tomorrow morning by the way.

-I need to go please.



Monday, April 16, 2007

Silent death.

So much pain!
Where am I? Hey! What are all these people doing sitting there? Are they watching me? They really do look like they are watching me. And why the hell are there eyes filled with tears. I know you. But I find it hard to remember you, beautiful lady. Why are you crying? Hey! Why can’t I hear myself? Why can’t I move my arms? I feel so cold and numb. Someone please tell me what’s going on around me. Hey! Lady! Tell me. Why isn’t anybody helping? Everybody’s just looking so silently.

Thank goodness that young lady started to react. Maybe when she gets a little closer she’d tell me what was wrong. She is leaning forwards towards me. Kissing me? Hello! Help! She isn’t listening. She can’t even hear me. I don’t get it. I don’t remember any of you people. And what the hell am I doing in this wooden box. It looks so much like a casket. Wait a minute, it IS a casket. What am I doing inside it. There must be some mistake here. Hey! Anyone! Help me! I’m not dead. But if I’m not, then why can’t I move. Maybe I am dead. But what killed me? Last thing I remember is being so broken because... Because I can’t even remember! But I was alone, in a dark room. I see a wooden chair. But why was I standing on top of it? I don’t understand! My neck! I feel something tight around it. Oh no. it can’t be. But why? I actually hanged myself!

Help! Anyone! I’m NOT dead. See? I can talk and think and see you all. I see that old lady over there weeping so much like she lost a son. Oh my God! It can’t be. I can’t be her son! I don’t even remember her. I don’t remember anyone here. Who are you people? Someone please listen to me!

I must show them I am alive. I need someone to come closer maybe then I could whisper it to his ears. Oh thank God someone is coming. Hey, wait wait! Don’t cover the casket, don’t cover the casket! I am alive! Wait!

Darkness. Help! Help!


Is this it? Is it over?

Is this death? Just silence and darkness?

Where are the angels or devils or anybody! Where is heaven? Is this it?

I see light once again! They are opening the casket! Yes! Yes! Who is this guy staring at me! Why are all the people now standing so close! They look very shocked! But no one is crying anymore. I don’t understand.

The guy staring at me is actually trying to say something. I can’t hear anything. They all seem to be arguing. Someone is running towards me. What’s that in his hands? A stethoscope! He’s a doctor! I knew it! I am not dead! He’s listening to my heart. What? What? I can’t hear what he’s trying to tell me! He’s now directing a small flash light into my eyes. Ouch! That hurt! Hey! Everyone is suddenly so shocked and looking straight at my face. That old lady is actually now kissing me. It’s my eyes! They are shedding tears! Must be the direct light into them! Thank God!

What? I still can’t hear thing! What is this doctor trying to tell me! He’s grabbing a large piece of paper and a marker. He’s writing something! I don’t get it!

“Mr. Andrews, I know you are alive. You and Mr. Jack were severely injured two days ago while fixing a light bulb in your summer cabin”

That explains the wooden chair! But who is Mr. Jack!?

Another note:

“The cabin roof fell over both of you, Mr. Jack passed away last night at the local hospital”

Who the hell is Mr. Jack!?

“Your bodies were switched by mistake; you are supposed to be in your bed at the hospital now”

How on earth would they switch someone’s body with mine!?

Oh my God! Jack! Oh no! Jack! My twin brother!

Mom? Susan? You are all here! I remember now! I remember all of you! David! Michelle, Sam! Hey everyone is here. I can’t believe this happened to me!

“I understand you can’t hear any of us or even move because you were injured severely on your head, but you will be better”

“We know you are alive!”

I am alive! I am alive!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Love is the reason we all hate death. Love is a haunting feeling that keeps silent within, until it is time to show. Then everything around will have a new meaning. Precious things become less precious while things that never meant to us shine all around pulling away your concentration and grabbing hold of it like you were its only hope. New meanings start to grow inside your mind like a little seed germinating into a beautiful plant with fresh daisies all over. You don't see the seed, you don't see the plant but you only see the beautiful daisy smiling to you. You are helpless but to smile back, satisfied, filled with high expectations for the day. You don't care anymore about the rough way back home or the mess around your work, but you only care about seeing her, watching her as she passes by, smelling her perfume and appearing perfect in her eyes. So you constantly watch the reflection of your face on any shiny surface, making sure and double checking you are what you wish. You even watch your face reflecting in other people's eyes. And Yes! Flowers would be a perfect idea. Or maybe a little love poem alliterating how you much and much you feel. You are smiling. Your eyes are shining. You meet an old friend who persistently keeps asking what caused all the change in you. You try to evade but then your eyes fail you before your friend, before your world, as the one you love passes by, and your world just comes to a S T O P

A long time after she disappears you begin to wake up, objecting, complaining, refusing to wake up. Like a lazy child in a cold winter morning. You just want to stay where you are, gliding over and over your dream.You don't notice your old friend shaking his head in complete disbelief. You are a new person. Who are you? What do you expect of this, What do you hope for?. She doesn't love you. She will never love you. You are just a junior office clerk. Nothing more. She is your boss's wife! She doesn't know you. She doesn't want to know you. Forget it. You think she comes here for what more than seeing her successful young and handsome husband advancing in his work and acquiring more and more achievements. You don't exist to her. And even if she loved you back, will you make her happy? CAN you make her happy? You bet your life she is happy now. Isn't she? Admit it. Forget it all and carry on with your simple job copying records forever so that your boss could achieve more and more while you remain behind the world watching its back.